Straight2Bank solutions is a third Party solutions,which accepts your Alertpay funds and transfer it to your Bank account anywhere in India.

How Straight2Bank Solutions is useful?

More than 10,000 thousand Indian users are using Alert Pay to receive payment from many online jobs,ads and etc some use it for online shopping. Withdrawing Funds from Alert Pay is difficult because it charges min of $4 and Max of $ 15, to know more about Alert Pay fees click here ,even it take time to process our payment, minimum time it take is 4-5 working days.So,We decided to provide service to Indian users which is cheaper than Alert Pay.We just charge INR Rs 50 per Transfer, we'll take maximum of 4 working days to transfer your payment.   

Sell Alert Pay at INR Rs 43/$1 USD

How Much Straight2Bank Solutions charges?

Our fees is much cheaper than Alert pay,

Fees Details :
Up to $2 transfer, Rs 30
above $2 ,Rs 50
If you want to Sell your Alert pay funds then visit SELL page and follow the Instructions. 

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